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Transformation Services

Does your business rely on spreadsheets or databases to keep things running?

Are those tools showing their age? Is there room for improvement?

I can help make your life a whole lot easier by transforming them to a web based solution.


Need a better solution for contact management?Good management of customer contact is critical to the success of any commercial or not-for-profit enterprise. The sales team should be able to access the system from the office or the field so they can update details from anywhere, and the management team should be able to see sales activity and history.


Need a better process to manage your supplier reviews?If you can't track your supplier reviews adequately in your ERP or accounting system we can help. We can design and build a system that will allow you to capture the information you need. Features could include an email reminder when a supplier is due for review and a calendar view of supplier due for review.

Technical Support

Need a better way to access technical information?Improve your technical support with access levels to suit customers, agents and employees. Service manuals, user guides, training videos, technical bulletins, Material Safety Data Sheets, software drivers and all other technical information can all be easily added to a web site. Advanced searching, record filters and column sorting make it easy to locate the information users need.

Field Services

Need a better solution for recording data in the field?If your field staff are wasting too much of their time with paperwork in the field then Drupal can help them. We can design web forms to match your paper forms and your field staff can then update your systems from the field. No more chasing documents from field staff and it's much easier to manage your business.

Human Resources

Need a better way to process different types of leave?Improve the way you process leave applications. We can create a form that covers all types of leave including sickness, annual leave, maternity leave and any other type of leave you may. The form can use business rules to send email notifications to trigger approvals by management, and supporting documentation like doctors certificates can be scan and attached to the leave web form.

Logistics & Warehousing

Need a better way to manage proof of delivery?If you are using a printed run sheet to collect names and signatures as proof of delivery then you'll be familiar with it inefficiencies. Apart from run sheets being misplaced, it is often inconvenient to locate older copies when staff from customer service or accounts receivable need to verify a delivery. We can build a solution to capture proof of delivery information, including signatures via the web.

Quality Assurance

Need a better way to record non-conformance?Capturing and analysing non-conformance of products is an important part of quality assurance. Recording these on paper forms or via email attachments can make it difficult to manage a quality system. A non-conformance web form can notify you by email as soon as a record is submitted and you can easily view all non-conformances online. Charts can also help to visualise the results of data collected.

Accounts Receivable

Need a better way to process employee expenses?Managing employee expenses forms and related receipts can be a burden for companies. With a web based form it is easy for employees to scan their expenses and attach them to the claim and an email can be sent when forms are submitted so management can approve expense claims. Employees can be asked to retain the originals for auditing, and no more filing cabinets full of expense claims!


Need an integrated online shopping cart?Every business should really have an ecommerce or online shopping cart to make it easy for their customers to buy. Out systems can be integrated with most modern ERP and accounting packages so orders are processed as normal and the product and customer details are synchronised reguarly.

Product Management

Need one product database to rule them all?If you have a number of applications that have a database of products it can become a huge task to keep them maintained. We can build a Product Information Management system that will act as a master system and feed all the other databases, one system to rule them all!

Health & Safety

Need a way to capture risk assessments?Identifying and managing risks and hazards is very important for your workers safety. If you are capturing this information on forms and then entering the data into a spreadsheet we can improve this process with a web form. Your employees can complete the form from any location and the records are immediately available for review. This means you can now spend more time on risk prevention instead of administration.

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